One would think that someone who just got released from jail for laying false accusations against a celebrity on a TikTok video would have learned the lesson of her life.

tiktok nwakaego okoye


Many even thought she would take a break from social media to recover, but surprisingly, such is not TikToker Okoye’s case.

A Tiktoker, Nwakaego Okoye, who was arrested and jailed for defaming Nollywood actress and producer Eniola Badmus, has opened up about her ordeal while behind bars.


My Beauty Left Me

Okoye, while responding to a comment via her TikTok page on Thursday, said she was brutally beaten to the point where she lost her beauty.

The Tiktoker claimed at least six people assaulted her and that she is still recovering from all the damage done to her body one week after her release from jail.


She made this known during her TikTok live video as she spoke in plain and pidgin English.

“They did not tell you people that they gang-beat me,” Okoye began her narration of the harrowing ordeal she experienced.

“They gang-beat me to the point that I lost count of how many people who laid hands on me, I feel like it was more than 6 people.

“That beating was too terrible, it was too brutal that my beauty left me and ran away.


Still Trying To Recover Beauty

“Till now, more than one week plus that I’m out, I’m still trying to recover my beauty,

“I’ve been on supplements, and so many marks on my body because of the beating I collected.


“I don’t think I have ever been beaten like that or will I ever collect such because that beating no be for human being.

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“You people do not understand what I went through.

“My eyes saw what my mouth cannot say.

In July, Okoye was arrested for defaming Badmus, whom she alleged was a professional pimp.

Okoye was charged in court and later found guilty of cyberbullying the actress.

She was sentenced to three years imprisonment with an option of a ₦150, 000 fine in lieu of the sentence.

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