As Bobrisky has confessed to being a man, contrary to what he’s been showing on the internet, it will no longer be business as usual.

It was like using his mouth to swear an affidavit in the presence of everyone in court. Witnesses are huge. 

Bobrisky in court
Bobrisky in court

Following the nature of Bobrisky’s arrest and him now identifying as a man publicly, his Instagram followers have dropped from 5 million to 4.9 million.

This number is expected to even drop more as his jail term progresses.

Why? You may ask.

You see, millions of people follow Bobrisky for the female character he plays as some find it entertaining while others use it for their business gain.


If they can no longer get that as a result of his confession in court, they will find what they seek elsewhere.

Do not forget how people are quick to move on from anyone without batting an eyelid.

Drop In Endorsement Deals

There is this stigma that usually comes with being an ex-convict, people tend to avoid them.

Asides that, Brands that signed up Bobrisky to advertise their female dresses, skincare and so on may terminate their contract as no one wants to be on the wrong side of the law.


This is so because logically, except things take another turn, Bobrisky isn’t supposed to publicly do girly stuff since he’s told the Nigerian government that he’s a man.

Social Life May Take Another Turn

Bobrisky is in the situation he is right now partly because his social life is very loud.


He gets invited to parties of the high and mighty and when he attends, he dresses to kill and sprays money lavishly to make an impression.

As a matter of fact, the “money-spraying” – Naira Abuse, landed him in prison.

So, what do you think will happen when he regains his freedom?

Oh well..,Your guess is as good as mine.

He will attend less parties, honour few invitations if any and he will tread with more caution publicly.

The Switch

All these and many more are the things Bobrisky will face after serving his jail term.

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He will be forced to live in a way he’s not been used to in a long time.

We wish him well in this trying time and hope he comes out of this strong.

We also pray that depression will not set in for him.

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