While it seems like Bobrisky will be the only one to suffer from the six-month jail term, the truth is, many others are also crying in silence and wishing the jail term wasn’t served.


Just in case you are wondering why this is so, here is why.


Bobrisky is a brand influencer with over 4.5 million followers.

If you understand the game of numbers when it comes to marketing, you know what this means.

Promoting a product with this kind of page is enough to crash a sales page in a website as a result of traffic influx.

Because of the female character he plays online, he promotes female-related brands.


Brands like skincare, spa, dresses, accessories, hair, and other luxurious female fashion items.

These brands pay heavily to have him promote their brand.

Many pay him on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, while others make a one-time payment.

Bobrisky, The Influencer 

Even though the influencer charges millions of naira, his clients gladly book his services because of the results they get.


Because sales are the lifeblood of every business, some of these brands that can afford Bobrisky’s fees renew their contracts quarterly, yearly, or every six months.

As many other brand influencers operate, it is most likely that Bobrisky and his clients may have signed a no-refund policy.


Imagine the brands that just renewed their contracts with Bobrisky before he was arrested by the EFCC.

What do you think they will be going through at this moment?

Their business will definitely suffer a big loss.

It is even worse that they have no one to cry to for help—not the government, Bobrisky, or even social media, for obvious reasons.

Some of these brands pay Bobrisky’s expensive advertising fees in the hope of recovering their investment from sales made.

Now, with Bobrisky in jail and him confessing to being a man, what will happen to these brands that have paid him for ads?

More so, imagine the companies that may have dipped their hands into business capital to pay Bobrisky.

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Will this imply a fold-up if there is no external funding to bring them out of debt?

Because of this, companies may now begin to exercise extra caution when choosing promoters for their brand.

For some, at this moment, a crossdresser is a no-no.

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