The request for a DNA test for late Mohbad’s son, from wife, Wunmi is a controversial subject.

This matter has been dragged by his family and by extension netizens for the longest time.

Liam Mohbad’s Son
Liam Mohbad & Son

Nigerian singer and former signee of the Marlian label, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad died on September 12, 2023 leaving behind his wife and kid.

Although fingers were pointed at different directions.

The cause of his death remains unknown till date which sparked controversy.

Justice For Mohbad

In the quest of seeking Justice for the late singer, family of late Mohbad have requested for a DNA test.


The test was requested from his wife to ascertain the paternity of late Mohbad’s son – Liam.

The DNA issue is one that has been dragged by Mohbad’s family.

It got heated to the extent of being dragged to the online space.

This further heightened the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death.


However, there has been an uproar on the internet as the pictures of Mohbad’s son, Liam flooded the internet as he clocked one.

Netizens couldn’t hide the fact that Liam has a striking facial resemblance with his late father, Mohbad.


Before you read further, take a look at these photos of late Mohbad’s son below.

Do you think they both look alike?

Liam Mohbad’s Son h

Liam Mohbad’s Son..

Many were quick to conclude that, “there is no need for a DNA test” as the pictures could already tell who his father is.

Just in case you are wondering why the request for a DNA test is a fierce one.
Here is why..

Mohbad’s Son Or Not?

The family of late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad have been requesting for a DNA test from his wife to prove her innocence.

This was due to the strange circumstances surrounding the musician’s death.

However, Wunmi stood her ground saying she will not grant anyone’s request for a DNA test, as she is sure of the paternity of her child.

Additionally, she said her late husband would have been the only one with the right to ask her for a DNA test if he was alive.

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As the pictures was shared online, prayers poured in for little Liam.

Netizens wished him well despite all his mother may be going through since the demise of Mohbad.

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