The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has declared a full war against the abuse of Naira.

As we speak, celebrities who have abused the Naira in any manner are under the radar of the EFCC.


Some are praying that the ‘eyes of the eagle’ will not find their already circulated naira-spraying content. 

Cubana cheif-priest-ibrandtv

To many, this is a right step in the right direction.

These celebrities have given the country a bad name in the global map, and it was time to tame them.


However, there are others who see this move by the commission as a problem.

You see, for decades, spraying money at events have become a norm. The habit of spraying money has a strong hold on many, intoxicating like alcohol.

The Hunt

The EFCC renewed the vigour in its hunt with popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

This offence, which has been ignored for decades, is what sent Bobrisky to prison, and he will be there for six months.


After making a statement with Bobrisky, the EFCC went straight for Cubana Chief Priest, another celebrity who found himself in the bad book of the commission.

Cubana Chief Priest was arraigned at the Federal High Court in Lagos.


At the court, Chief Priest pleaded not guilty and was granted a 10-million-Naira bail.

The court fixed May 2, 2024 for its next session giving the EFCC some days to prove to the court that Cubana Chief Priest is actually guilty of the charges against him.

After God Na Government

This development brought nothing but fear to the minds of other celebrities who knew they were guilty of the said offence.

In fact, popular singer Portable did not waste time in sending a message of solidarity to the EFCC.

In a video, the singer apologised for spraying the Naira notes and vowed never to do such again.

He begged for forgiveness saying: “After God na Government, Abeg make una forgive me”.

While many people pray deep down their hearts that the EFCC will not look their way, there are others who are already missing this culture.

Other Alternatives

Well, not to worry, there are many ways to go about it without contradicting the law.

Have you thought of spraying dollars at that next event you want to attend?

Many people are not thinking towards this direction, but trust us, this will be a great alternative for you.

You can also make use of papers.

Yes, tell the celebrant whose event you are attending to print paper money.

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

When you get there, do a mobile transfer to whoever is put in charge, you will be given the equivalent amount.

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You see, now you can spray or even decide to tear the money if you so wish, and nobody will arrest you for money abuse.

Obedience is better than sacrifice.

It is better to be a law-abiding citizen, but if you must engage in this act, then we advise that you follow our suggestions and trust us, no harm shall come to you for Naira abuse.


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