The Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS) has secretly transferred embattled cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, from the Ikoyi Correctional Center to the Kirikiri Prison.

Bobrisky, a controversial figure, was handed a six month jail term last week for abusing the Naira.

Wahala! NCS Secretly Moves Bobrisky From Ikoyi Prison To Another Facility

Indeed, Nigerians had expressed concern over her safety and which cell Bobrisky would be held.

It grew up to the point where the NCS had to speak out.

They told the public that Bobrisky would be held in a male cell.

They also assured the public that Bobrisky would be well protected from abuse and other dangers.


Secret Transfer

However, a reliable source, an official of the NCS, has revealed that the popular cross-dresser is presently held at the Kirikiri Prison.

The official said that Bob was discreetly transferred last weekend to Kirikiri.

To him: “It is procedural that he is moved to Kirikiri since it is an expansive prison compared to what we have here,” adding that due to security reasons, Okuneye was quietly moved to the facility where he will serve his term.

The source confirmed that the convict had been taken to the male cell with other inmates “and so he will be treated as a normal inmate,” he said.


The Verdict

While sentencing Bobrisky on Friday, April 12, 2024, Justice Abimbola Awogboro of the Federal High Court in Lagos State said the verdict would serve as a deterrent to others who are fond of abusing and mutilating the naira.

He had asked the crossdresser if he was a man or woman and he said: “I am a man, my lord”.


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Bobrisky is being identified as a male based on this admission at the court last week.

Meanwhile, according to reports, there is no realignment of gender or genital organs.


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