In April 1988, President Ronald Reagan issued the first presidential proclamation, declaring April as National Autism Awareness Month, and since then, there has been an annual campaign to increase awareness of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) throughout the month of April.

Understanding Autism
“Understanding Autism: Essential Things to Know”

The majority of people are ignorant about ASD and how to interact with those who have it.


It is crucial to understand autism in order to build acceptance and support in society.

Common Symptoms of Autism

Here are essential things to know about ASD:

In early childhood, doctors diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neurodevelopmental condition that affects social interactions, communication, and behavior, with varying symptoms and abilities.

ASD patients often exhibit social communication difficulties, repetitive behaviors, and restricted interests, such as eye contact, understanding cues, and engaging in reciprocal conversations.


Misconceptions about ASD, such as vaccinations and intellectual handicap, need to be dispelled to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Indeed, autism is not as a result of poor parenting, neglect, or spiritual issues.

Early intervention and support are crucial for individuals with ASD to reach their full potential, including speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies, and educational and community accommodations.

Raising ASD awareness in Nigerian communities promotes acceptance, inclusion, and support, challenging misconceptions, advocating for accessible services, inclusive policies, and supportive environments for individuals with ASD.


Finally, raising awareness on this condition is crucial for promoting inclusion, support, and acceptance in Nigeria, promoting early intervention, debunking misconceptions, and fostering a more caring environment for individuals with ASD.

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