The Ramadan fast holds high significance to the Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar holds great significance for Muslims all over the world.


Furthermore, it is a period of love. Indeed, so much love.

‘Yes Daddy’ – Confusion As Peter Obi Joins Muslims To Break Ramadan Fast At Abuja Mosque
Photo of Peter Obi at the mosque

Perhaps, it was this love that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, wanted to exhibit.

However, he ended up sparking huge controversy.

In fact, huge controversy has trailed his action after he joined Muslims at the Central Mosque in Maraba-Nyanya in Abuja to break the Ramadan fast.


The Viral Video

In a now-viral video shared on X (formerly Twitter), the former Governor of Anambra State sat beside a child on a mat while sharing a bowl of rice with the boy.

The viral video also showed almost 1,000 people at the mosque.

They were waiting to break their fast while others watched as the LP presidential candidate fed the child.

Following this development, some Nigerians commended Peter Obi.


They hailed him for being magnanimous and exemplary.

But others berated him, saying he did it to win their hearts ahead of the 2027 campaign.


See some of the reactions below:

@modellah wrote: “He’s been doing this for a long time. If you’re just finding out, congratulations. For those saying change tactics, I don’t see any tactic here…say something else”.

@mz_potable wrote: “Yes Daddy, why are they using this same method???? Ehn? Can’t they change tactics?”.

@Princeujay wrote: “One of the most beautiful moments! Peter Obi breaking fast with the Muslim community at the Maraba-Nyanya International Market Central Mosque alongside Dr MO and Yunusa Tanko”.

@Equityoyo wrote: “A con man can never change. PETER obi trying to pretend, because of the 2027 election, again”.

@lo.veth2946 wrote: “He has done this before as a governor, so pls, those berating him should hold their peace and let him breathe joor”.

@LydiaTeeanaJaja wrote: “Peter Obi’s frantic attempt to win the presidency will take him to new lows. Even in his previous term as governor, this man had never shown such a deep love for Muslims and Northerners.

“The desperate actions must be fiercely resisted by Nigerians. Utilizing race and religion as weapons all the time”.

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@nenejonjes_esq wrote: “My daddy has always been like that.
He was doing it for and with the Muslim community when he was the governor of Anambra state.

“My daddy does not play to the gallery like your everyday politician. He sets the pace, others follow! My take”.

@PastorMarvy wrote: “Think of any political shenanigan/stupidity you’ve seen in your entire life, and none beats Peter Obi feeding a full-grown boy with cameras flashing.

“Peter Obi continually pushes the boundaries of foolishness and it is hilarious to see!“.


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