Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, has continued to express worries over the lingering hardship occasioned by the continued spike in commodity prices.

The former governor of Anambra spoke via a post on his official X account on Wednesday lamented that many Nigerians now spend all their income on food alone.

Hardship: Peter Obi Reveals The Only Nigerians Spend Their Earnings On
Peter Obi

You see, Obi is not far from the truth.

Feeding in Nigeria currently has become very difficult, as prices of food items steadily rise day by day.

The hunger is alarming. In fact, in the past few months, it has sparked more protest than any other issue Nigerians had to deal with.

The former Anambra Governor, who referenced the hunger index forecast, lamented that the situation was becoming very complex.


Farmers Security

Peter Obi called on the Nigerian government to ensure the security of farmers.

They should also give them adequate support to increase food production.

In his words, “I was alarmed when, in January 2023, the Cadre Harmonisé, a UNICEF publication, indicated that nearly 25 million Nigerians were at risk of facing hunger between June and August 2023 if urgent actions were not taken.

“I was very concerned and worried like every other Nigerian.


“I then called on the government of the day to take urgent steps and stem the tide of impending hunger in the nation”.

Acute Hunger

By the end of 2023, around 26.5 million Nigerians were then reported to be at risk of hunger in 2024.


This was still of grave concern to Nigerians.

“It is saddening again to note that the same publication, Cadre Harmonisé is again warning Nigerians.

“Its warning is that Nigerians to the tune of 31.5 million, are at risk of acute hunger and serious food insecurity between June and August 2024.

“The situation has now become more complex with the high cost of living and high inflation rate which pervades our economy.

Hungry Nation

“Today, with our ranking of 109 out of 125 countries measured on the Global Hunger Index, Nigeria is considered among the 20 hungriest nations in the world.

“Many Nigerian households now spend almost all their income on food alone, leaving all other family expenses to anyone’s imagination.

“I have consistently maintained that the surest way to fight hunger in Nigeria is by moving our nation from consumption to production.

“This entails aggressive investment in agriculture.

“This could be done by fully exploring and cultivating the vast arable lands mostly in the Northern parts of the country.

Impending Danger

“Now that we have been given notice of the impending danger – the additional number of Nigerians that will face hunger by June this year.

“I strongly urge that we work hard and put in place measures that will help us to avert it.

“We must take urgent steps to boost food production in the country.

“This will help defeat the rising hunger, and attendant anger in the nation.

“The high level of insecurity and terror attacks in many parts of the country hinders farmers from their agricultural activities.

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“And management of our monetary policies impacting negatively on small businesses in the agricultural sector.

“The government must secure the farmers and give them adequate support for increased food production.

“Building a productive Nigeria remains our focus in the New Nigeria which is possible.”


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