The cry for #justiceforNamtira has set the internet on fire as almost everyone is furious about the bullying at play in the viral video.


A student of Lead British School, Abuja named Namtira Bwala was bullied by her classmate who slapped her severally while asking repeatedly, “who broke my heart?”


Netizens are seeking Justice for Namtira and necessary disciplinary measures to be taken by the authorities.

However, no one seems to be talking about what led to the whole scenario.

The girl who was seen bullying Namtira in the video was identified as Maryam.

Maryam who looked so upset kept asking Namtira, “who broke my heart?”

  • Also, other voices in the background were taking about “relationship issues.”

Matters Of The Heart?

This means the young students who are supposed to be focused on making good grades are actually concerned with “matters of the heart.”

The teenagers are not only dating themselves but are bold enough to discuss, laugh about it and even bully others on camera with no fear or remorse.

This pops a big question; “what is going on with our children?”

Could it be bad parenting or bad supervision in school?


Is it social media influence or peer pressure?

However, while we are all seeking #JusticeforNamtira, let us also remember that, there is no smoke without fire.


Parents, guardians, teachers, school authorities and the society at large should do better.

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Children are tomorrow’s leaders as everyone would be beneficiaries of the quality of children that are raised today.

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