Just like rape and any other form of violence, being bullied always leaves a mark on the victim.

These marks, which could be physical, mental, or sometimes emotional, are what parents and/or guidance should look out for.


#JusticeForNamtira: How To Know If Your Child Is Bullied In School

The ongoing drama at Lead British International School, Abuja, should serve as a wake-up call for Nigerian parents who pay little or no attention to the little things that matter.

We will return to this in a jiffy.  For the benefit of those who may have missed this interesting episode on this online drama, let’s take a peep at it.

The drama in that school took a new turn on Tuesday morning, when a parent slapped the female student who bullied her classmate.


#JusticeForNamtira: The Beginning

It all started when an X user, @mooyeeeeeee, posted two videos where the victim, identified as Namtira Bwala was repeatedly slapped by another female student.

The video generated outrage among Nigerians.

Immediately, they called on the school authorities to investigate the matter.

As if that was not enough, some parents stormed the school on Tuesday, hoping to address and resolve the incident.


Maryam Hassan was also seen alongside her parents.

However, a mild drama ensued, as one of the parents of the bullied student was captured, scolding her over the action.


The Angry Parent

The lady said: “She is proud of what she did. You are proud of what you did! You are proud right?

“Someone’s child; innocent child, you beat her, did you give birth to her? I am asking you; did you give birth to her?”

The student was trying to walk away to avoid confrontation, but the angry parent shoved her, saying, “I’m asking you: did you give birth to her?”

Maryam said she was sorry, but the angry parent responded with a slap before another elderly person moved around to douse the tension.

You see, bullying did not start today, it has been part and parcel of the Nigerian system, especially in schools.

The fight against bullying is one that has been on for a long time.

Bullying In Schools

Over the years, bullying has been demonstrated across different sectors, establishments, schools, religious bodies and so on.

You see, there are many Namtira out there. Many children are scared to speak up in cases like this over fear of what may happen next.

Trust us, if not for social media, this case would have died within the four walls of the school.

Now, it becomes imperative for parents to look out for their children.

This poses a very serious question to us all, as parents, how do we know when a child is being bullied?

How To Know A Bullied Child

Physical injury is one sure way of knowing if your child is being bullied.

A child who is frequently bullied will always be in constant fear.

This fear engulfs them that it distracts them from their studies.

Imagine a child who was doing so well academically beginning to drop and soon, becoming, maybe, the worst student.

You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that something may be wrong with that child, one of which may be bullying.

Bullying also weakens morale, especially in children as it makes them feel helpless.

So, when you see a child who was once lively and cheerful becoming moody and sad often, it is okay to check. Indeed, something could be wrong, and again, it could be bullying.

What To Do

Do not fold your arms and just hope that things will change.

It is better you make haste while there is still sunshine.

First, be inquisitive.

When you begin to notice these changes, insist on knowing what is going on.

In most cases, children will tell you that they are fine. At that point you could conclude that they are just being children.

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Also, know that they cannot stand pressure, meaning if you insist, they will break and tell you the truth.

Once that is done, ensure you escalate appropriately.


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