Lead British School is getting more than it bargained for. Now, the school is in the news for “not so good” reasons.

#justicefornamtira lead British school
Lead British School

One of your daily prayer points should be that you shouldn’t get on the wrong side of Netizens.


The voice of united social media users is so strong that it can cause a change or revolution.

This can be seen as Lead British International school, Abuja, has been shut down for three days following viral video of a female student being bullied by her classmates.

In the videos circulating on the internet, a student identified as Namtira was seen being slapped severally by her classmate.

Following this, social media users took to the internet to demand Justice over the situation.


In this regard, the management of the school organised a parent-teachers meeting amidst shouts of #justiceforNamtira by parents.

In fact, an enraged woman who couldn’t control her anger slapped the student who bullied Namtira in retaliation.

‘Two wrongs, they say do not make a right.’ 

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Meanwhile, the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, visited the school as the management acknowledged her presence and declared the closure of the school for a brief period.

“Lead British International School is hereby shut for three days,” the announcement read.


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