school resumption is here, and if you are a parent we recommend that you begin preparations for the 2023/2024 academic session for your children.

Since schools are on holidays, things might be less expensive now.


Really, wise parents have begun making plans for the things their children would need at resumption.

This is because, they know that school bags, books and other accessories will become expensive as soon as school resumption gets closer.

For this reason, they have started buying and making orders for the things they consider as necessities.

Below are some of the things parents should start planning for, as resumption time draws near.

Uniform: Most students would probably love to resume the new session with a brand new uniform.

Parents can do themselves the favor of going to the market now to get the material and sew it or engage a fashion designer to do it.

Text Books and Note Books: Often, when schools are going on long vacations like this one, they provide parents with a list of books that students would use in their next class.


basically, the school expects that parents can either buy or provide money for it.

Some wise parents have already started purchasing these textbooks while also planning to pay for notebooks to schools.

School Bags & Lunch Box: School bags are very important because they help safeguard books from getting easily destroyed.

These lunch box and bags are going to become too expensive to purchase, once resumption is around the corner.

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Parents start buying all these things and storing them for resumption.

Also, shoes, socks, biros and underwear are other things that parents should start making plans to acquire for their children, as resumption will soon be here.

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