More than 90 schoolgirls in a school in Kenya have been reported ill after having difficulties walking straight.

Kenya schoolgirls


The Kenyan health authorities say the health crisis is currently under investigation as the students have been admitted to hospital.

Also, the female students from Eregi Girls High School, located in the western part of the country, were reported to also show symptoms of knee pain.


Situation Under Control

A regional director of education, Jared Obiero, gave an assurance that the students will be treated.

“The education department, the county government and public health department are giving a commitment that the children will be treated.”


Earlier on Tuesday, a senior official from the country’s Ministry of Education who visited the school assured the worried parents that the situation was under control.

He said classes would continue as normal for other students.

It’s reported that blood, stool and urine samples of the sick students have been sent to laboratories in a neighbouring city in the nation’s capital, Nairobi.

A nurse who sought anonymity said the condition that has led to the students losing sensation in their legs is believed to be “electrolyte imbalance.”


She explained that the condition is characterised by the loss of fluids in the body of the victims, as observed in most of the students.

“Electrolyte Imbalance”

“This condition is called electrolyte imbalance, a condition that leads to loss of fluids in the body,” the nurse said.


The latest incident comes months after the Mukumu Girls High School in Kenya was closed on April 3.

This is after reports of an outbreak of a mysterious illness that left over 100 students hospitalized.

However, the students had shown symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and high fever.

A development that called for precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the disease.

The Ministry of Health carried out the investigations and announced that, the students had consumed food contaminated with human waste.

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“From which preliminary laboratory investigations undertaken have revealed the causes which are:

”Enterotoxigenic E. coli and Salmonella typhi as the causes of the illness,” Acting Director General for Health Patrick Amoth said.

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