It’s a prank?



Imagine you are going home after a hectic day at work with your office laptop and other accessories in a bag strapped to your back.

Then, suddenly!


Out of nowhere, two people on bikes zoomed right up to you with a gun in your face, asking you to drop your valuables.

They ask you to open your bag, handing out your valuables one after the other.


Out of fear, you begin to “piss” on your body because you know you are in deep trouble at work as you have to pay back.

You plead with them to allow you to be free, only to receive a hot slap from one of them telling you to “Shut Up!”

The thunderous slap sends you to the third heavens and back even while you’re here on earth.

As you open your bag with tears in your eyes while taking out the items, your heart is pounding fast with fear, not knowing where to go from there.


Fun But Not Funny

You hear wild laughter (your head starts to pound more, and you can’t help but ask if you’re going crazy or just hearing voices)…

Finally, you jerk up to reality and scream, “It’s a prank! It’s a prank!


“You’re being recorded.

“The gun is a fake one.

“Look at the camera!”

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You look in the direction being pointed at, and truly, you see a cameraman coming out of hiding with a smirk on his face.

Then, they tell you not to be afraid because they were only playing a prank on you to post online.

How would you feel at that instant?

What would have happened if you had a health condition and that prank could have triggered a deadly reaction?

Why would they make content about you without prior notice or consent?

What would have happened if a policeman on duty was passing by at the time they pointed a gun at you?

After the stress of your daily hustle, is this kind of mental and emotional stress needed?

There are so many questions to ask as to why the so-called pranks being played these days are so dangerous and unhealthy.

A new wave of uncontrolled content creation has swept the social media space, even the old and little children are not spared of this menace.

Prank Or Terror?

Although it may look like the usual fun to many, the effects are far beyond the physical.

Prank started as regular comedy until some creators took it to the very extreme, all in the name of “content creation”.

Some even go as far as acting dead on the streets or walking around with blood-stained clothes and heavy charms, constituting a nuisance and scaring innocent people, and tagging it “prank”.

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It is understandable if people want to do weird stuff online to promote their brand, but it should be controlled so that it doesn’t harm others.

In a video shared online, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi of the Nigerian police force has come out to condemn the constant abuse and alarming increase in pranks in recent times as harmful and potentially traumatizing.

He sounded a note of warning, saying perpetrators of this act would be lawfully dealt with.

Listen To The New Announcement The Nigerian Police Made Concerning Pranks


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