It appears the time for Mohbad to get a second burial is near. While Nigerians await the grand burial of Mohbad, more controversy are coming with a latest revelation made by his mother.

Indeed, it is whipping up more concerns and questions from Nigerians about what could really be happening.

Mohbad and Mother
Mohbad and Mother

Mrs. Olumiyi is the mother of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba (Imole), popularly known as MohBad.

She is alleging that Mohbad’s father is the reason Mohbad hasn’t been buried.

Imole’s mother revealed this in a video on Tuesday.

According to her, the autopsy test has long been completed and the police have released his body.


However, Mohbad’s father “has refused” to allow anyone to carry the body.

The deceased’s mother said she had called Mr. Aloba to plead and beg him to allow the body of Mohbad to be buried so he can rest and find peace.

But all her pleas fell on deaf ears, she claims.

Also, she called on Nigerians and the government to come to her aid, as she had no one to help her.


She said: “Nigerians, I cry to you to help demand the release of my son’s corpse.

“I pray that you will not witness your children’s deaths too.


“Mohbad’s corpse has been released since the completion of the autopsy, but his father has refused to let his corpse be released for burial despite my repeatedly begging him.

“I went to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police last week, and he told me that Mohbad’s remains had been released before now, questioning why we are letting his body waste away and if we are happy that he’s dead,” she added.

Becoming Unbearable

She further appealed to President Bola Tinubu, youths both home and abroad, and friends of the former Marlian Music signee to come to her aid.

According to her, the matter was becoming unbearable.

Furthermore, she claims that Mohbad’s body has been wandering around since he had been exhumed and that she had no peace either.

“All of you that have gone to exhume Mohbad’s body should wake up now and insist that he be buried.

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“It is not like I have not been willing to speak out since, but I leave everything to God.

“All the things the father has been saying are also left to God.”

Before now, Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, stated that nobody should collect his son’s body for burial without his authorization.

He claims that justice will not be served if his body is buried hurriedly, as there are other necessary things to be done, including a DNA test.

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