The investigation into the death of popular singer, Mohbad, is increasingly proving to be a very delicate one. The authorities involved are doing everything possible to ensure that the situation does not get out of hand.

Many Nigerians have allowed their emotions cloud their judgement due to one reason or the other. If the situation is not properly handled, it may turn out bad for the country and its booming music industry.


Mohbad's Death

The Nigeria Police Force was very quick to detect how delicate the issue is; hence, they were quick to arrest the situation.

If not for their quick intervention, this Mohbad’s death would have surely escalated into a violent situation, a clear instance is what played out during the singer’s candlelight procession.

Procession Turn Protest

That simple procession was turned into a protest that the police had to fire teargas to disperse the crowd.


At 11:00 p.m., angry Nigerians had stormed the Lekki Toll Gate to demand Justice for Mohbad.

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If not for the quick intervention of the officers of the police force, only God knows what would have become of that situation.

The police did not just arrest the situation in reality, social media users had made their own demands, and the pressure was high.


These social media users had forced the police to exhume Mohbad’s body for an autopsy just to be certain of the course of his death.

Before now, the police had vowed that the investigation would be concluded in two weeks, however, after the toll gate incident, it is obvious that the police may have a rethink over this investigation.


Other Alternatives

However, as it stands now, the police may decide to delay the release of the autopsy result for security reasons.

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This delay may be intended to calm the tension in the country. Nigerians are willing to go the extra mile in demand of justice.

Also, the government is fully aware of the dangers this case poses to the booming Nigerian music industry. The industry rakes in billions of Naira for the nation. But all that could nosedive, if this issue is mismanaged.

In just few days, Mohbad’s former boss, Naira Marley, has lost millions of followers. He has been fingered for treating the singer bad when he was alive.

He is alleged to have over ₦300 million in royalties due Mohbad in Marlian coffers.

Naira Marley had said he would come back to Nigeria to cleanse his hands off the death of the afrobeat star.

These and many more may make the police delay the release of the autopsy results.

Indeed, Mohbad autopsy it may cause irreparable damage to the music industry and the already fragile economy.


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