The death of Mohbad is one case that keeps shedding different layers with each passing day, just like a bulb of onions.

Mohbad DNA
Mohbad DNA

His death has gathered mourning momentum from Nigerians and even the world at large, as other African countries, the United Kingdom, and even the U.S.A. joined in the peaceful walk seeking justice for Mohbad.

The late Nigerian singer Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, leaving behind his lover and wife, Wunmi, with a five-month-old baby.


Mohbad’s death is a big mystery waiting to be unraveled and this is why fingers are pointing in various directions, as the cause of his death is yet to be ascertained.

Mohbad and son
Mohbad and son

Due to the circumstances surrounding his death and video evidence of bullying, assault, and violent attacks on the 27-year-old late singer, Nigerians can’t help but vent their anger on the people close to him during his lifetime as their best guess.

Wife Of Late Mohbad Under Attack?

One would think Mohbad’s wife will be left out of the suspicious eye of the public, but it is surprising to know that many are pointing accusing fingers at her and asking that she’s investigated.

A popular social media activist, Martins Vincent, popularly known as Very Dark Black Man on his social media platforms, even went as far as making a demand for a DNA test on Mohbad’s son as part of the investigation carried out by the police.

While many lashed out hard on him for being “insensitive” to the feelings of the grieving wife of late Mohbad to make such a request, others supported him, as they claimed “everyone is a suspect” until proven otherwise.

The sister of Mohbad’s wife made a post warning @verydarkblackman of an intended 300-million-Naira lawsuit for defamation of character if he keeps pushing the request for a DNA test for the late singer’s son.

DNA: What Will Be The Outcome?

Now, from the look of things, if a DNA test is done, there will be deep implications on both parties.


If the result comes in positive and Mohbad is the true father of his son, it could be the end of the road for Martins Vincent (Very Dark Blackman) and his supporters.

Martins has attracted many enemies because of his constant focus on a mandatory DNA test as part of the ways to unravel the mystery surrounding Mohad’s death.

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It is very likely his enemies will come for him in full force, and the anger of those against his opinions on Mohbad’s case will be channeled towards his direction.

In fact, he would go to court to defend his claims.

A Likely Uproar?

However, if it happens that the DNA result comes out negative, indicating that Mohbad is not the father of the son he knew as his, things will take a very ugly twist.

Firstly, @verydarkblackman will gain massive national and international recognition and endorsement, which will be a big plus for his personal brand and the “cause of change” in Nigeria he has been championing.

Secondly, the mob will pounce heavily on Mohbad’s wife.

Indeed, a voice recording where late Mohbad was heard accusing her of death threat had become viral shortly after his demise.

She will become a prime suspect, as it will be very obvious that she has information she’s been hiding from her late lover and from the general public.

Wunmi may also lose almost everything they (herself and Mohbad) had built together, as she would have broken the “bond of trust they were supposed to share”.

This will also go a long way in the little child’s life, as he may be greatly affected in future by this outcome alone.

There is every possibility that the child will be stripped of every payment of royalties from Mohbad’s music, donations, scholarships given to him following the death of Mohbad, and all other benefits he had received in the late singer’s name.

A Scary Aftermath

We can only hope the DNA result comes out positive; otherwise, there are disturbing questions as to what the fate of the child will be.

Mohbad and son
Mohbad and son

“Does the child, who has seen Mohbad as his father for a short time, deserve a future full of mystery?

“How will he live knowing that his mother lied about his paternity from birth until she was “caught?”

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“What will his life be like growing up to see, hear, and watch his story play out on the internet?

“How will he be able to face his peers and defend himself from the thick, dark cloud surrounding his birth?”

Nigerians and the world at large are waiting to see how this case will unfold.

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