Kanayo.O.Kanayo is one man who believes so much in culture and tradition as an igbo man.

He is very vocal about it as it concerns family and business. 


Renowned actor and filmmaker Kanayo.O.Kanayo (KOK) has laid an example of what he thinks Nigerian youths should emulate.

According to him, it is the Igbo tradition for young men to lay a solid financial foundation by paying some or part of their first salary to their fathers.

“I want to observe a culture from our ancestors that has led to the progress of many people you see today.”

The actor revealed that his son, Clinton, just concluded a film production management with his team and has earned his first ₦50,000.


KOK asked Clinton to kneel down as he demanded ₦500 from the whole sum while he prayed for financial blessings for him in the name of his ancestors.

Also, Kanayo.O.Kanayo said this is the culture of the Igbos and should still be practiced rather than taking their first salaries to religious houses.

“Take your first SALARY to your father
for his blessings NOT TO YOUR PASTOR.

“And to that Pastor who said it belongs to him in a video in January, did you ever consider, the feeding/transportation to and fro the office for that month?


“Where is this in the Bible?”

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However, many applauded the actor for this act, while others disagreed with his spiritual stand on the subject matter.

Watch The Video Here


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