FIFA has reportedly received threats of legal action from Fifpro and the World Leagues organisation over the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup.

FIFA Threatened With Legal Action Over New Club World Cup

According to The Timesin a concerted effort to challenge FIFA’s plans, Fifpro and the World Leagues organisation have sent a strongly worded letter to the governing body of world football.

They expressed their concerns about the schedule of the expanded edition of the Club World Cup that is slated to take place in the United States in June 2025, with prominent European clubs such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Chelsea participating alongside other top teams from around the world.


They argue that FIFA’s decision to expand the Club World Cup and its overall match calendar has adverse consequences, including “economic harm” to domestic leagues and a “significant injury risk” to players.

Additionally, they accuse FIFA of prioritising its commercial interests over the welfare of players and the integrity of the sport.

The letter calls upon FIFA to reconsider the scheduling of the competition and to engage in further discussions regarding the international calendar.

This plea comes ahead of the upcoming FIFA Council meeting in Bangkok, where crucial decisions regarding the future of football tournaments will be deliberated upon.

The two organisations have already sought legal advice on the matter and could potentially open litigation if FIFA refuses to pay heed to their demands.

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The proposed format for the new Club World Cup includes three group matches followed by up to four knockout games, spanning from June 15 to July 13.


Hence, the players need to be back in action within two weeks of the Champions League final which has raised concerns about fatigue.


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