Because content creation is a game of numbers, many would go any length to go viral.

This could be very tricky as people tend to make some things that should be kept private public. 

iPhone 8 Saga: ‘I Did It For Content’ – Yoruba Girl Apologises Over Viral Video

Such is the case of a young Tiktoker with the username, @prettyy..yorubagirl.

The teenager had asked for an iPhone 8 as a birthday gift from her parents.


Unknown to her parents, she was recording a video of their reaction. Perhaps in her mind, she was sure that such reaction would make up a good content to gather impressions.

Iphone 8 Saga

In the 3-minute video, the girl was seen looking away and her father and mother’s voices in the background scolding her for requesting an iPhone instead of focusing on her studies.


The father was heard suggesting that she may sell her body if she desired an iPhone, asserting that girls with such phones are morally corrupt.

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The dad, while berating his daughter, noted he had yet to see anything that showed his future was secured with her while her mom agreed with her dad, brooding over the reason their daughter has chosen to only give them pain.

The video sparked diverse reactions across different social media platforms with some criticizing the girl’s action and others slamming her parents over their approach to the girl’s request.


Public Apology

The content @prettyy..yorubagirl_ intended to make for impressions ended up being so much trouble to her and her family.

Now, she has publicly apologized following the backlash that greeted the video which she shared online.


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In a new video that went viral on Wednesday, the girl expressed her regret for asking for the iPhone at the time and for recording their reactions and sharing it online.

The young girl stated that she hadn’t anticipated it would go viral and gain such widespread attention across the world.

Content Video

She said, “I’m making this video regarding my previous video where I asked my dad for an iPhone 8. I want to publicly admit that what I did was wrong.

“I shouldn’t have asked for the iPhone at that moment, and I shouldn’t have recorded their reactions and posted it.

My thought was that it is just a normal content video; I didn’t know it would go viral.

“I am saying I am really sorry. I don’t expect anybody to drag my parents because of the video. It wasn’t posted for anyone to attack me.”


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