If only Adeniyi Ojo, a club owner in Kwara state, had known that demanding an intimate relationship with one of his female employees would lead to his death, perhaps he would have cautioned himself against it.

How We Killed Club Owner During Threesome – Kwara Poly Students Confesses
The suspects

Now, the two female students of the Kwara State Polytechnic who were arrested in connection with his murder have given the reasons for their actions.


What is worse in this case is the the dead cannot speak to defend itself.

The two suspects spoke during their parade by the Force Public Relations officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi in Abuja on Wednesday.


One of the suspects, Adanma Joseph, narrated what transpired between them and the deceased.

Adanma’s Story

According to her, they attempted to steal from the deceased, who expressed intentions to have s3x with her and her friend, Favour Vandora Davies.


She recounted how she met the deceased while working in his clubhouse for about three months in 2022 until the government shut the clubhouse down.

That marked the beginning of their relationship.

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The suspect said that she got her friend involved in the attempt to steal from the deceased when he requested to have s3x with her.


The Plan

According to her, the initial idea was to lure him to have s3x with them in his car, on the belief that they would find money in the car.

However, one thing led to the other and they eventually ended up in a room.


That was where they tied the deceased on the pretense of having a BDSM s€x.

When the deceased attempted to shout, they covered his mouth with a pillow.

According to her, they didn’t know that the man was dead when they left with his phone, saying that they thought he was pretending to be asleep.

The suspects, however, expressed regret for their action.

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