It is said that, God lives in people’s hearts and not in their dressing but it appears some are not of the same opinion.

I was scrolling through the streets of Twitter on a Sunday morning when I saw a post by an influencer.


He said he’s baffled about how Christian ladies, in particular, choose where and when to be Christians.

‘Some of you wear revealing clothes to parties and events but consider it too ‘indecent’ to wear to church.’


‘Of course, clothes like: beach wear, casual, errands, night wear, etc. have their different uses, which is understandable.’

He emphasised the fact that Christianity is a lifestyle that should be reflected in every aspect of life, not a religion to be practiced only in church.


I think the poster was trying to encourage modesty in female dressing by indirectly saying; ‘dress how you want to be addressed’.

He Was probably expressing his disappointment on how Indecent dressing has creeped in to places it shouldn’t be seen on display.

My Take

Okay, let us even leave “Christianity” out of this equation for a minute.

Do you have an idea of what Fashion designers charge to sew outfits now?


Especially the Owambe styles in vogue now.

How about the cost of getting the fabric itself?


In this Nigerian economy, how will I spend money on Owambe and other outfits only for me to select where I’ll wear them?


I’ll be cheating myself, so I try to play smart like the daughter of the soil that I am.

I always ring it in my fashion designer’s ears that the dress she’s making for me will be worn to church, as she always likes to sew “trendy” styles for me.

You can always trust fashion designers and their “doings.”

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Own Your Dressing

‍Although, the word ‘Indecent dressing’ is relative, what is indecent to one may be ‘okay’ for another.

However, Dressing is a way of life that reflects who we are, so it is imperative that we always show up in outfits that make us feel confident and comfortable.

What’s Your Take On This? 

Would you rather have different dresses for different occasions, or do you prefer your clothing to serve outing and worship purposes?


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