It was a beautiful Friday and Christians who are more concerned with Easter stormed the church in large numbers to attend the Good Friday service.

In Lagos State, a middle-aged man simply identified as AJ had also found his way to church to join a host of other Christians in church.


Lagos Man Found Dead In Church During Good Friday Service

What AJ did not know was that it would be his last day on earth.


While the service was on, AJ was found dead in his car.

This sad story happened at Mechanic Village in the Idimu area of Lagos State.


Good Friday Service

The deceased was there to attend the Good Friday service in a church located in the area when the incident happened.

Late AJ before his death was a member of the church.

On that fateful day, he had stepped out while the service was ongoing to pick up something in his parked car on the premises.

According to an eyewitness, another member who saw him in the car some moments later exchanged pleasantries with him but did not get a response.


The member was said to have moved close to him and, in the process, found him motionless in the vehicle.


The source said: “He said he wanted to pick up an item in the car, but nobody really noticed he had not returned to join the service.


“One of our members who was passing by his car saw him in a sitting position and greeted him but found out that he did not respond.

“The person said he moved close to him and jokingly asked if he was tired as a result of fasting.

“It was at that point that he discovered that he was not moving at all.

“So, he quickly alerted other members who rushed out of the church to see what was going on.

“Efforts were made to revive him, but he was already foaming from his mouth and that was when we realised he was dead”.

The incident was said to have caused apprehension in the community while the church service ended abruptly.

A Sad Day

According to the source, the wife of the deceased, who was also present during the service, was quickly attended to by other female members who consoled her.

“It was a sad day for us because nobody saw that coming. We could no longer go ahead with the service.

“There were refreshments for members that day, but no one could eat. We also tried all we could to console his wife,’’ the source added.

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When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, said he was unaware of the incident.

He said: “I am not aware”.

This is yet another case of sudden death which is increasingly becoming a common way people die.


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