Spyro is a Nigerian artiste well known for his “clean” kind of music. Clean in the sense that he doesn’t use vulgar words in his music.


As a result, both young and old can vibe to his music.

In fact, Spyro always boasts about his love and loyalty to his God.

Indeed, this shows in his style of music and lifestyle.

In a christmas carol that held in the harvesters church yesterday, the musician sang one of his songs, “only fine girl” while acting a drama.


However, the musician has come under heat for performing a “worldly” music in the church.

Spyro revealed that he wasn’t paid to perform but was only acting a drama in his church.

“Harvesters is my church, I’m a choir member there too. I also serve in venue management.

“Being a celebrity shouldn’t restrict my service to God.


“The clip making the rounds was part of the drama where I was supposed to seduce the king’s wife which is a typical example of Herod in the bible.

“The programme was a free one as opposed to the rumours flying around.


“It was only registration fee that was paid for the planning of the event.”

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Additionally, he revealed that, he found God in Harvesters church and after he gave his life to Christ, he made a decision to keep making clean music.

Watch The Video Here



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