“Help me! Help me!! Help me!!!”

This was the scream I heard as I was busy working to meet my deadlines.


High On Colos

I quickly zoomed out of my room in the direction where the scream was coming from.


My guess was that it could be motorists fighting or a robbery attack.

Robbery Attack?

However, to my surprise, I saw two young guys struggling near a gutter as crowd started to gather.


Immediately, my curiosity got the better part of me, so, I etched closer to have a look.

It was glaring that one of them was fighting for his life while the other was trying all he could to rescue him.

The guy shouting for help was lying with his back carrying the other young guy on his body.

Case Of Epilepsy?

Hugging him tight from behind with one hand and the other hand in mouth in a bid to save him.


He was trying to remove his hand from the gnashed teeth of the other guy as he was convulsing and gasping for air.

As crowd gather, passers-by and neighbours started pouring water on him.


Others were tapping his feet and body to keep him awake.

People started asking questions like, “What happened” and “Where are they from?”

Some guessed it was a case of epilepsy.

Another person rushed to get a big bucket of water to pour on him.

Everybody was trying to help in their little way as the crown even increased.

We began to feel pity for him and prayed he survived the attack.

Until someone who knew him said…

On Colos?

“…it is not a health issue. The young guy is high on “Colos” (hard drugs).

Colos? Colorado??

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On hearing this, everyone hissed.

Also, the man who ran to get a bucket of water withdraw it in anger.

People were disappointed, expressing their anger in their local dialect and pidgin English.

“Why these boys go Dey take wetin pass them?”

“Naso, this boy wan take throw way hin life?”

“Nawa oo!”

“Abeg make we Dey go jare, Mtchewww!”

Sadly, as they dispersed, the convulsion started again, but this time it was more intense.

They had to gag his mouth with a spoon.

While that was happening, someone beat his chest and foot and another splashed water on him again.

It appeared like his spirit was already leaving his body.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally regained consciousness.

A Menace


Unfortunately, this addiction to hard drugs is renting the streets these days, with multiple casualties.

It is mostly rampant amongst the youth.

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Some lose their lives in the process or even run mad.

The big question is; WHY???

Why take something you know is harmful to your body?

Could it be peer pressure? Or depression?

Does it make you feel good?

We can do better as youths.

The future is bright!

We are rooting for you!

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