Are you a parent with a child between ages 11 to 17 going on vacation this summer?

Are you already planning to send them to grannies and uncles or enrol them for more class lessons?

Useful Holiday Skills Your Child Can Learn This Summer
Learning to play a musical instrument

There is another option you can pick to empower the child more in this age.

As the 2022/2023 academic session for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria comes to an end this July, students will embark on holidays for a month to rest from academic stress.


Most students will either go on vacation to relatives, attend summer coaching or stay at home during this holiday break.

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Summer vacations are all about fun, games and road trips. It’s also a great time for your child to learn some new skills.

As a parent interested in knowing what creative skills your wards can learn during this break to enhance their productivity, this article is a must read for you.

5 Useful Skills Children Should Learn This Summer

1. Graphic Design

For children between the ages of 11 to 17 years this period might be one of the best to introduce them to a skill like graphic designs.

This is a form of communication that uses colours, shapes, images, and words to create visual content that surrounds us in print and digital media.


Enrolling children that love visuals and have eyes for details would not be a bad idea.

This skill is important because it will help the participants sharpen their design thinking.


It will also help to improve how they understand visual cues and develop their creative confidence.

2. Musical Instrument Training

Parents can also do their children the favour of enrolling them in music schools this summer to learn how to play musical instruments.

There are different musical instruments that your child can learn during this holiday, ranging from guitar to piano, drums, violin, saxophone, trumpet, and so on.

If you know your child has an interest in musical instruments, then this summer break is definitely a time to help them achieve their desires.

Do not be too quick to think about the economic situation of the country, look around your neighbourhood, you will find an affordable music school for your child.

3. Fashion Designing

It is very amazing how we give birth to children who are fashion conscious even from their tender age.

So, if you have a fashionista as a child, this holiday is definitely a good time to make them understand the industry and their passion better.

Also, if they wish they can go into the fashion industry after completing their education, we should encourage them.

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4. Learning A New Language

Another skill your child can learn during this holiday is knowing how to communicate in more than one language.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if your kids are polyglots.

5. Cooking Skills

Acquiring a skill like this in holiday is a very good. Knowing how to cook and doing it well is an amazing thing.

So, if you have a child who is always curious about all that goes into preparing a meal to give it an irresistible taste and aroma, then you might want to consider enrolling such a child in a culinary school during this summer break.

A culinary school is an institution devoted to education in the art and science of cooking and food preparation.

Engaging your child in a culinary school doesn’t mean they have to end up being a chef in the future.

However, the skills gained in the school will be of utmost importance in their personal life.

It might also be wise to start young teens on training around financial literacy to help them learn planning and budgeting of their personal finance.


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