Apparently, Nonso Nwobodo, did not consider his action so well, weighing the repercussions, before dabbling into a rice fraud he thought was cool.

Now the a 39-year-old trader has been arrested by police operatives in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


He had repackaged local rice into bags labelled as foreign rice.

Nwobodo was said to have been involved in rice fraud in a bid to maximise profits in hard times.

Abuja: Man In Police Nets For Repackaging Local Rice Into Foreign Rice Bags
Bags of rice

He was arrested on Saturday at around 4:15 p.m.

The arrest took place in the Durumi area of the FCT, specifically at Plot 740 centenary credentials.


According to a source, Nonso was discovered to be packing locally produced rice into printed bags.

This bags were made to resemble foreign rice bags.

Deceptive Act

According to him, this deceptive act aimed to mislead the public whose love for imported rice knows no bounds.

Many had believed that the rice was imported.


As a result of the operation, a total of 160 bags of rice, varying in size from 5kg to 50kg, were seized as evidence.

“Nonso Nwobodo was re-packaging local rice to a different designed foreign bags of rice with an attempt to sell them as foreign rice.


Foreign Rice

“He was arrested with 160 bags of different sizes of rice From 5kg to 50kg already rebagged to look like foreign rice.

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Also, 53 empty bags of local rice that had already been rebagged to foreign bags were recovered.

“590 new empty foreign bags of rice that are yet to be filled with rice were also recovered. Police have confiscated the rice,” the source said.


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