Since the inauguration of the President Tinubu’s administration, Nigerians have experienced a new level of hardship. The social media world has christened it “Renewed Shege”, a direct opposite of the Renewed Hope Tinubu promised Nigerians.

Many have blamed the hardship on the fuel subsidy removal that Tinubu announced on the first day he assumed office.

See How Much A Bag Of Rice Cost In Some States In Nigeria
Bags of rice

That pronouncement, to many brought nothing but bad luck.

For some months, Nigerians struggled with pain, unknown to them that the worst was yet to come.

The new year, 2024, struck the country with a whole new level of hardship.

It continued gradually until now, what many describe as the ‘worse times’.


The Survey

You see, Nigeria has witnessed a dramatic surge in the prices of commodities, particularly food items, causing widespread concern among its citizens.

Market surveys and interactions with traders across various states reveal a sharp increase in the cost of essential foodstuffs.

The sharp increase in the price of a bag of rice, a staple in Nigerian diets, from fifty thousand Naira to over seventy thousand Naira has caused a stir among Nigerians.

This significant hike in food prices has become a pressing issue for the average Nigerian.


It has become increasingly difficult for many to afford basic meals.

Before now, a food item like rice was very affordable. In fact, this was the major reason that rice became a the most eaten food in Nigeria.


Sorry, that was before, as we speak, rice is no longer a ‘poor man’s food’.

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Now, being able to afford rice now is a sign of being rich and wealthy.

Many persons are curious to know the price of rice at the moment.

We understand this curiosity, hence, this article.

Here are the current prices of rice (50kg bag) in some states in Nigeria:

Benue State: ₦62,000
Edo State: ₦50,000
Rivers State: ₦75,000
Anambra State: ₦65,000
Plateau State: ₦62,000
Kano State: ₦55,200
Oyo State: ₦69,000
Kwara State: ₦80,000
Lagos State: ₦68,000
Ogun State: ₦70,000
Enugu State: ₦65,000
Ebonyi State: ₦60,000


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