Crossdresser Bobrisky Says Being Poor Is Also Vanity As He Shows Off Luxury Cars

Popular crossdresser Idris Okuneye also known as Bobrisky has recently addressed people who faults wealthy people for showing off their wealth on the internet.

He disclosed that being poor does not make someone holy as poverty is also vanity.

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He said:”oh, you think staying broke makes u holy ? Poverty go sck ur body dry. Everything is vanity.

In a separate post, Bobrisky shared a video showing off his four luxury automobiles which worths millions of naira.

“When you have dis 4cars to yourself you don’t need anyone to love u. Some of these people you need d love from are DEAD broke. Bentley, Range Rover, GLE 63, Cla sport 250. Pls calculate all d money to buy all dis cars and let me know if I still need ur stupid love.”

As expected, fans were seen in the comment section reacting to the posts.

tkinzystar:“Don’t think being broke is holy.”

_j.e.w.i.e.e_ :“Omo, you better be rich… Poverty no be child’s play.”

dachocolater said:”Osumi ooo even though money is the root of all evil, I still want it.”


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