Video : Movie: Slay Queen Mariage (2020) (Parts 1-4)

Slay Queen Mariage (2020)

Her name is Chichi Chikito, hot, sexy, expensive to maintain, classy, and very beautiful. She dislikes guys with low class and lies her way out of every situation. Now she is back in the village with her classic life and meets Eze (Nosa Rex) a poor and village casanova who will do anything to get any woman he wants. Watch as events unfold in this hilarious and interesting masterpiece.

  • STARRING: Nosa Rex, Desmond Treasure, ebere Okaro, Muonago Collins, Sonia Uche, Ngozi Ezeonu, Nkechi Nweje
  • PRODUCED BY: Desmond Treasure/Ejike Desmond
  • DIRECTED BY: Jasper Akaeze
  • COMPANY: De Pope Integrated Production.
  • YEAR: 2020



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