You maybe wondering why Peter Obi is trending on social media. Well, it is because the former governor of Anambra State has again become the subject of intense controversy following the alleged sexuality of his son, Oseloka Obi.

This issue has sparked both support and criticism as social media users struggle to share their views.

See Why Peter Obi Is Trending – (Photos)
Peter Obi was the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance 

While the veracity of the claims remains unconfirmed, the issue has raised important questions about privacy, acceptance, and the role of public figures in social discourse.

Obi was the candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election.


Obi and the likes of Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), however, were defeated by All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Fresh Controversy

However, months after the election defeat and the end of court processes, Obi is once again enmeshed in social media discussions over his son’s alleged gay status.


Viral photos flooding the social media captures Oseloka featuring on the front page of a magazine in what appears to be promoting gay.

See Why Peter Obi Is Trending See Why Peter Obi Is Trending

Another image shows him with another man lurking into each other with inscriptions that look like a movie advert.

See Why Peter Obi Is Trending


What Nigerians Have To Say

Some netizens suspected of being Obi’s supporters have emphasised the importance of respecting individual privacy and avoiding discrimination based on sexual orientation.

But others have continued to mock the politician and his supporters.


Obi himself is yet to publicly address the matter as of the time of filing this report.

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However, amid his silence, Oseloka Obi’s alleged gay status has sparked mixed reactions on X.

See some of the mixed reactions below:

@GoziconC – “So Peter Obi’s son, Eloka Obi sleeps with his fellow man. So Eloka Obi is a homosexual.
Yet Peter Obi and his supporters got the audacity to attack President Tinubu and his Family?
This is actually very disgusting.”

@Ajayiolubunmij – “Like father like son. Tueh. Do you know why his dad always put on black all the time..God really saved this country.

@IgweManchi – “After you’ll still go buy fuel at 680, maybe you’re still not at par with your environment, that’s why you worry about who his father is a billionaire and leaves in a better country.

@senatormadu – “Una mumu no go ever finish for this country. So someone that was actually acting is now tagged a gay.
You left to discuss about the price of fuel, commodities in the market, exchange rate of dollar to naira, high electricity bill, insecurity just to mention but a few.

@Plush2387 – “Amoda Ogunlere’s son is reported to swing both ways, yes that one that calls himself first son. Amoda’s daughter in New York is reported as LGBT. Obi’s son is an actor and you have a picture of him acting.

More Reactions

@oluchicent – “Dipo, campaigns and elections processes are all over. Let us face good governance and make Nigeria work for all.
You may need to come outside to see things for yourself. Come off all these pls. Everyday this and that. A system against a man.

@Peaceozegbegma1 – “We have so many insecurities going on in this country, dollar rate keeps getting high….but this is your main focus, you should be ashame of yourself.

@kenny_Aj_ “Chai they should have just stuck to politics and leave libel slander and propaganda out of it. I really pity the young man.
“He stayed far away from his fathers politics only for people to drag him in. Now people are beginning to wonder why the father sounds like a sidechick.

@B0lutife – Peter Obi just started reaping the fruits of the seeds he planted through his followers; more to come.
The secret about his son that he kept for a long time is now public knowledge because of the toxic behaviour of his followers.

@dipoaina1 – I was thinking of supporting Peter Obi in 2027 election but I’m afraid he will legalized LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 in Nigeria and Ecowas by extension.”


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