A “prophet” who many look up to as a spiritual leader has been accused of defiling his own daughter.



It is so sad that some leaders who are supposed to lead by good examples are seen and heard of carrying out despicable acts.

Prophet Christopher Phiri of the Supernatural Embassy Ministry has appeared before a court in Mangochi, Malawi, following his arrest on allegations that he sexually abused his 16-year-old daughter.


The prophet was arrested last week in the district and charged with defilement.

Videos and pictures relating to the alleged sexual abuse also emerged on social media.


Phiri appeared in court on Friday, December 8, 2023, where he denied the charges

The state paraded four witnesses in the matter which is being heard by senior resident magistrate, Muhammad Maxwell Chande.

Witnesses include the child, her mother, a medical officer and a police officer.

Lawyer for Centre for Human Rights Education Advice Assistance (CHREAA), Brenda Nkhwale, told the court that prosecutors would review the charges against Phiri.


Meanwhile, the hearing of the case has been adjourned to December 19, when the court is also expected to make a roiling on Phiri’s bail application.

Earlier, police said the girl spoke about having been sexually abused and that her father had threatened to stop paying her school fees if she dared reveal her ordeal to anyone.


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Police also confirmed discovering pornographic pictures and videos of the two in the suspect’s phone.

Mangochi Police spokesperson, Amina Tepani Daudi further said the victim was issued with a referral letter to Koche Health Centre where it was revealed that she was carnally known.

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