Farmers over the last few decades have been faced with challenges too numerous to mention.

These challenges have impacted farming so much that the agriculture sector is failing to match up to expectations.

Food shortage as is being experienced in the nation at the moment is a typical example.

AFAN, Stakeholders To Address Challenges Facing Farmers 

So, to tackle the critical challenges affecting farmers in Nigeria, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), plans to collaborate with stakeholders.

The new AFAN chairman in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Ifraimu Dauda, gave this assurance.

Dauda said, farmers and stakeholders must work together to resolve the challenges circumventing the efforts of farmers in the agricultural sector.

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The AFAN chairman outlined his plans to boost food production and make agriculture the core foundation of Nigeria’s economy.

He said this after taking the oath of office alongside other executive members in Abuja.

Dauda said the FCT chapter hopes to make the lives of Abuja farmers easier.


The association will help them access information that can boost farming in the FCT.

Also, he vowed that AFAN would be available to guide farmers in the right direction in any area a farmer might require more enlightenment.

According to him, farmers would get help purchasing farming inputs such as fertilisers, seedlings, pesticides, tools, and equipment.

“Under my leadership, AFAN will help farmers in selling their produce both directly to customers and wholesale food processors,” Dauda said.

“I understand the challenges facing farmers all over Nigeria, and I would love to work together in hormonal coordination to proffer solutions to these challenges facing farmers.

“We intend to partner with more organisations as well as maintain a good relationship with our loyal partners over the years.

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“AFAN will create diverse opportunities to encourage local farmers and also educate other aspiring farmers to be a part of agriculture.

“This we hope would help reduce unemployment and boost the economy,” the FCT AFAN chairman said.


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