The President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio ordered journalists and cameramen out of the Senate chamber after the ministerial nominee from Kaduna State, Balarabe Abbas Lawal slumped during screening.

Balarabe Abbas
Balarabe Abbas

Balarabe who was the second nominee to be screened after Dr Jamila Bio Ibrahim slumped following his confirmation, throwing the Senate into panic.


The nominee, who was standing on the podium, collapsed when Kaduna South Senator, Sunday Marshall Katung, was speaking about Balarabe’s administrative experience in Kaduna.


Balarabe had finished reading his profile before the senators, and it was time for the Kaduna lawmaker to endorse him.

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The lawmakers while endorsing Balarabe’s ministerial nomination, said all three senators from the state had no objection to his nomination.


Senator Katung had not finished his remarks when the nominee collapsed, prompting Senate President Akpabio to end the screening.

The Order

Akpabio in reaction to the incident shouted, “Water, water! Can you give him sugar and water? Can someone bring water and sugar? Please, call Dr. Wale!.”

He also asked the cameramen to leave the chamber as the senators tried to save the life of the ministerial nominee.

He was taken to the hospital at the time this report was filed and his condition remains unknown.



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