Truly the off-circle election has come and gone, but many still feel the bitter experience of that single day.

The drama, intrigues, chaos, and suspense, that came with the election, made it eventful for some.


While it has deterred others from ever wanting to take part in such a process.

Losing an election, is a very painful experience, no matter how the election was conducted.

Ajaka’s Loss

For the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Murtala Ajaka, the loss is a very bitter pill to swallow.


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Ajaka believes he gave the election his utmost best and would have emerged the winner if other things were equal.

Alas, things are not equal in Nigeria’s electioneering process, where many say what operates “is the more you look, the less you see”.

For you to know how disappointed Ajaka is with the whole process, he will not bother challenging the process in court.


His decision is simply because he sees no point in doing so when he knows the case would be thrown away on technicalities’ ground.

Also, he was not sure the court would not uphold the abnormalities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


Really, many Nigerians think that the truth doesn’t really prevail in court, and justice is almost always never served when it is election matters.

Ododo Already Celebrating His Victory

However, joining the winning team or political party has worked for Usman Ododo of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Kogi State.

Ododo for now will bask in his victory while others wallow in their losses.

No wonder they say “follow the person wey no road”.

The APC governorship candidate knows that in Nigeria, one thing that works well during an election is the power of incumbency.

He was not the incumbent, but his political party is.

Dino Preparing To Go To Court

Indeed, Dino Melaye of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is spitting fire and brimstone.

For him, it is a different case.

Dino emerged as the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP under a very shady process, one which led to a faction in the state. The displeasure broke up the party in the state, leaving Dino with the support of those who wanted him in.

They have described him as a person without morals, without the right attitude, and the needed fame or intelligence quotient (IQ) to govern the state.

The displeased faction sees him as a mockery of the PDP in Kogi State.

Basically, prior to election day, the group claimed that they would operate like the former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, by voting and working against Dino Melaye, if the party does not do the right thing.

They also claimed that they would make sure he doesn’t emerge as the third at the polls if he remains the party’s candidate.

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So, it is no surprise that the PDP, polled such scanty figures at the governorship polls.

Amidst this struggle for power, rolls disenchantments and personal disenfranchisement.

Those electorates, maimed, beaten, attacked, or saw their ballot boxes taken away, by thugs may never vote in any elections again.

Yet, we talk all day about voter’s apathy.

In other countries, there are electioneering challenges they have managed so well that it is not a full-blown problem to society like the one we witness in Nigeria.


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