This picture below does not look like Cubana Chief Priest is still in the custody of the EFCC. Are you part of those wondering why?

Why Cubana Chief Priest Left EFCC Custody
Cubana Chief Priest

There is something you are missing that we want to bring to your notice.


As a matter of fact, with the millions of information flying around, and from the reactions we’ve seen so far, we believe there is so much you may be missing.

Permit us to begin this story with the Wednesday morning drama, which began after Cubana Chief Priest was granted ₦10 million bail by the Federal High Court in Lagos.

This came after the celebrity barman pleaded not guilty to the Naira abuse charges filed against him.

Naira Abuse

Cubana Chief Priest was accused of tampering with Naira notes at social events, contrary to the Central Bank Act of 2007.


Many people had expected the court process to be a replica of popular crossdresser-Bobrisky’s case, since they were both arraigned for similar offences.

However, to the surprise of many, the court granted the businessman bail.

The court also assigned his lawyer to his custody for 14 days pending bail conditions.

An earlier motion challenging the court’s jurisdiction was introduced, and the next court date is scheduled for May 2, 2024. That is after the 14 days.


During the hearing, Chief Priest’s counsel revealed that he was presently unwell, emphasising that only those who are alive can undergo trial.

After the court granted him bail, the entire social media space was set ablaze.


Transgender Wahala

Many people dragged the court in the mud for granting Chief Priest bail while handing Bobrisky a six-month jail term.

In fact, many people began to wonder if it was because of his ‘crossdresser’ status.

Meanwhile, Cubana Chief Priest and his allies have not slowed down on their celebration over the court’s ruling.

Well, from the drama and reactions so far, it is very clear that many people do not understand how the court operates.

Many people are reacting with misinformation and outright ignorance.

Now, we will open your eyes to so many things you may have missed about this case, and by the time you are done reading this article, you’ll understand that today’s drama may just be the beginning.

Understanding The Naira Abuse Case

First, Bobrisky pleaded guilty when he was arraigned, Cubana Chief Priest pleaded not guilty, hence, this alone changes the whole procedure.

You see, Bobrisky was sentenced to prison for 6 months without an option of fine having pleaded guilty. He admitted that he was wrong which made his/her process faster

In Cubana Chief Priest’s case, he was granted Bail because he pleaded not guilty.

He can easily claim that the money in the videos used as evidence against him are just papers which he is using to show off.

What this means is that, the EFCC now have to prove beyond doubt that he’s guilty before the court can sentence him to prison, fine him or both.

Cubana Chief Priest Can Still Be Jailed

Let’s understand that the ₦10m bail condition is not a fine. In fact, he doesn’t have to pay it unless ordered by the court or where he jumps bail.

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Our research shows that granting bail for such offence is in line with Section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As amended).

The truth of the matter is, Cubana Chief Priest may still go to prison if the EFCC is able to prove the allegations against him beyond every reasonable doubt.

Now, it is in the hands of the EFCC to present evidence that will put Chief Priest behind bars or make him pay a fine.

Indeed, this is just the beginning of an amazing drama you will see in coming months.


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