A young Nigerian who travelled to South Africa, apparently in search of greener pasture, has earned himself a lifetime between four gray walls talked about by legendary Lucky Dube in one of his songs against crime. He killed a South African artiste

Onyeghani Dumkele
Onyeghani Dumkele

Onyeghani Dumkele has undoubtedly added his name to the red list of the South African government.

He has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of a South African artiste.


The Sentence 

Dumkele was sentenced by the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court for killing a 23-year old up-coming South African artiste, Shaun Douglas Chabalala.

The Nigerian got an additional 15 years imprisonment for aggravated robbery, plus a 12-month suspended sentence on the condition that he be deported to his native country.

He can only be deported after he completes his concurrent sentence for murder and aggravated robbery.

Fake Advertisement 

Captain Daniel Mavimbela, says Chabalala and his friend, Given Mzamane, were lured to the Tambotie block of flats in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria.

It was in May 2018 and they were lured through a fake advertisement for a luxury camera.

Mavimbela Is the South African Police Service spokesperson and he reeled out evidences from investigation.

According to him, the boys wanted to buy the camera.


They were also carrying a cash amount of R14,000.

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Sadly, it was an ambush inside an apartment where Dumkele lived on the seventh floor.

Mavimbela says, “Upon entering the apartment, the victims were attacked by a group of men, Chabalala was injured and declared dead on the scene.

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Mzamane testifies that he forced his way out of the door and managed to escape.

However, “it was not before he had witnessed two men, who had participated in the robbery and attack on himself and Chabalala, lift Chabalala and throw him out of the window from the same apartment”.


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