A report indicating that the Nigerian Army has reviewed the Ration Cash Allowance (RCA) for its personnel has emerge. 

This news is one that should gladden the heart of every soldier, but on the contrary, we can not say if that is the case.

Nigerian Army Adds ₦300 To Feeding Allowances Of Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram
Army Officers

You see, this review has been a prayer point of many Nigerians, at least for the benefit of the officers who risk everything to protect lives.

Well, now it has happened.


According to SaharaReporters, the allowance was increased from ₦1200 to ₦1500.

This ₦300 increase has left many in shock.


The Document

The document sighted online reveals that the increment was in line with the Chief of Army Staff, Taoreed Lagbaja’s philosophy.

Lagbaja aims to transform the army into a well-trained, equipped and highly motivated force.

The document dated January 29, 2024, was signed by E.E. Emekah, a Major General, on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff.

“The document read, “In line with the COAS Command Philosophy to transform the NA into a well-trained, equipped and highly motivated force.


“The COAS has further increased the Ration Cash Allowance (RCA) of our dedicated troops from ₦1,200 to ₦1,500 per day with effect from 1 February 24.”

Troops Welfare

“This review is part of his ongoing commitment to the welfare of troops and the continuous enhancement of their operational capabilities to build morale to a very high battle-winning level.


“It is pertinent to state that all formations and unit commanders should note that the monthly sustenance for Feb 24 has been worked with the new rate by the department.

“In view of the above, I am directed to enjoin all formations and unit commanders to ensure they reflect the review of the RCA by enhancing the feeding of their troops. Please acknowledge receipt”.

Central Feeding

The RCA takes care of the feeding of Nigerian military personnel in lieu of “central feeding”.

Where the central feeding arrangement is available, the affected personnel are fed centrally.

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RCA is applicable under the following conditions:

1. Military personnel on residential courses at military institutions outside their normal place of abode.

2. Military personnel on 24-hour guard.

3. Military personnel on hospital admission in military hospitals.

4. Military personnel on approved military exercises and operations.

5. Military personnel on escort or temporary duty lasting 24 hours or more outside their duty station.


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