Moyo Lawal seems to be having a slice of the cake in the current booming business of leaked s*x tape.

Everyone wants to get a share of the s*x video hype and gain visibility that will drag them to the gallows. 


Whether they are concerned about the future, only God knows. 

Moyo Lawal Sex tape
Moyo Lawal Sex tape leak

Just like Hilda Baci cooked for days to acquire the fame she has today, others do mind-blowing things to stay in the faces and minds of the public, one of which is s*x tape leak.

The business of leaked s*x tape seems to be booming these days.

While some of those involved are victims of blackmail by their sexual partners.


Others believe that the sex tapes are leaked on purpose just to trend on the internet.

The New Currency

Attention, they say, is gold, and gold equates to money, fame, and respect.

In a viral video, Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal was exploding in orgasms amidst deep moans with an unknown man.

Moyo’s chest was laid bare as her lover fondled her round pointed nipples, sending her far beyond cloud nine.


Miss Lawal moaned in ecstasy as she was obviously enjoying the moment so much…

That she zoned out of life’s reality and couldn’t even turn the camera away.


Did Moyo Lawal Leak Her S*x Tape?

Although some say she leaked the s*x tape on purpose to revive her career, others say she was a victim of circumstance.

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Whatever the case may be, the strategy is working to her “advantage,” as she is actually trending at the moment.

The actress is getting all the attention for an activity with her lover. Unfortunately, no one is talking about him.

This goes a long way to say women often times face the heat of leaked s*x tapes and rape related incidents.

However, is this kind of fame one that will stand the test of time, or will it come to haunt her later in the future?

Only time will tell.

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