Lady Assaulted By Burna Boy Finally Speaks Up


Lady Assaulted By Burna Boy Finally Speaks Up


The lady who was assaulted by singer,Burna Boyd’s security guards has spoken up on what went down on the fateful day.

Recall that on June 8, Burna Boy was on the hunt as his security team shot two personas at a Cubana’s club.

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The singer’s security had assaulted two men because they confronted him over one of their wives.

In a series of post on her Instagram page, she stated that she took time out to heal and process the events that occured which left her partner and her bestfriend’s husband hospitalized.

She recounted how they all went to Obi Cubana’s club in Lagos at 3am celebrating their childhood friend who was getting married when the ill-fated happened.

They were all having a good time when Burna Boy and his friends came in and one of them approached her.

She stated that she turned down the offer to meet with the singer as she told his friend who approached her that she was married.

It was at the third attempt that things escalated as they all flared up.

Burna Boy’s friend allegedly attacked one of their friends and this situation degenerated and turned into a fight.

As the fight started, Cubana’s security stepped in and calmed the situation but unfortunately, Burna Boy’s security started another fight and shot into the air which left club attendees screaming and running for safety.

The lady revealed that she was traumatized and broken down since the incident.

She constantly has random flashbacks and nightmares.

She added that the lack of remorse and accountability from the singer is beyond her.

The lady also disclosed that Obi Cubana reached out to her after three days claiming he had no idea of everything that went wrong.

The club couldn’t even provide a CCTV footage or statement of the incident and business has carried on in the club.

The police command stated that the singer has become a fugitive and was under criminal investigation.

The singer had been told to turn himself in as he had no hiding place.

The police have already alerted INTERPOL to track his movement.


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