The wave of kidnapping seems to be spreading fast across Nigeria. There is barely any state that is free of this heinous crime.

Daily, reports of kidnapping spring from every corner, leaving the entire nation in tension.


What’s worse, these bandits carry out these evil acts, demand for ransom, which they often receive without stress, and get away with it.

Katsina State: Kidnappers Threaten To Marry Abducted New Bride, Sell 55 Wedding Guests
Katsina State: Kidnappers Threaten To Marry Abducted New Bride, Sell 55 Wedding Guests

Perhaps this is what fuels the morale of these bandits, as they seem to continue in their escapades.

Now, bandits, who abducted women accompanying a newly-wed bride to her matrimonial home at Damari, Sabuwa LGA of Katsina State, have issued threats to remarry the bride and sell off the other women.

The Abduction

The audacious bandits carried out the abduction last Thursday.


They targeted the bride and her companions while travelling in an open van in the Sabuwa area.

During the unfortunate attack, the gunmen killed at least four members of a vigilante group.

According to villagers, at least 55 wedding guests were abducted during the attack, and they have been held hostage since then.

The Ransom

In a video of the Katsina kidnappers circulating on social media, the bandits were seen threatening to marry the bride and sell the other captives if the ransom was not paid promptly.


The assailants had reached out to the families of the victims.

They demanded for ₦100 million as the sole condition for the release of the captives.


In the video clip, a gang leader, dressed in police uniform, took responsibility for the abduction, asserting that nobody could rescue the women.

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“I am the one who abducted them, and I will never release them until ransom is paid.

“And if there is anyone who thinks they could rescue them, they should try it,” he said.


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