The hardship in Nigeria is pushing Nigerians to do the unthinkable. Acts like looting of warehouses is gradually becoming a means of survival for many.

In Abuja, this incident has occurred twice, prompting the Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mariya Mahmoud to express concerns. 

Is Looting Of Warehouse A Criminal Act? See What Minister Mariya Thinks
Mariya Mahmoud

Mariya in her reaction described the Sunday looting of a warehouse in the Gwagwa-Tasha neighbourhood of Abuja as a criminal act.


She spoke during an assessment visit to the looted warehouse in Gwagwa-Tasha on Monday.

She was there to determine the extent of the warehouse’s damage.

Beyond Hunger

Addressing reporters at the location, the minister threatened to prosecute the residents involved in the incident.

According to her, the looting was beyond hunger.

Mahmoud narrated the tragic situation detailing that hoodlums stole all of the grains and other food items, along with the warehouse’s roofs and fence.

The minister vowed that the FCT Administration will install police posts in all government warehouses throughout the territory moving ahead.

Palliative Care

“We are here due to the unfortunate incident that happened early hours of yesterday.


Hoodlums attacked this very warehouse and packed everything that is here, including the fence.

“Not only the food items that are here, including the roofing, windows, and even the gates of this place and offices were all attacked,’’ the minister said.

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She mentioned that the incident happened as the FCT Administration was stocking its warehouses.

This was done in order to comply with the president’s order to distribute palliative care to each of the territory’s six area councils.


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