The issue of insecurity in Nigeria has span decades, with each administration exploring different tactics to tackle this menace.

The sad reality is that, with each administration that comes into power, the insecurity becomes worse.


Over time, experts and other well-meaning Nigerians have proposed varied solutions to the issue.

Insecurity In Nigeria: Is Recruitment Of More Police The Solution?


The suggestion of state policing has not left the mouth of many till this very moment.

President Bola Tinubu has come under heavy criticism over the insecurity rocking the country, especially after the country’s seat of power (Abuja), became a playground for kidnappers.


True, this insecurity did not start today, however, in today’s Nigeria, the situation has become worse. The country has become a safe haven for criminals.

The Meeting

Despite the efforts of the Nigeria police to end this insecurity, these bandits seem intent on destroying Nigeria.

It was on this note, that President Tinubu called a meeting with the 36 state governors of the Federation on Thursday.

Tinubu was accompanied by his Vice, Kashim Shettima for the meeting.


The President met with the governors inside the Council Chamber of the State House in Abuja to address the insecurity, economic situation and general hardship in Nigeria.

In that meeting, the president proffered what appears like a solution to the security issue.


Police Recruit

He endorsed the recruitment of more police personnel into the force.

To the president, more police personnel will help strengthen the force.

While this seems to be a good move, especially as it is accompanied with employment, there is one question begging for an answer.

Is the recruitment of more police officers the solution?

This question has been on the lips of many Nigerians.

There are people who are convinced that recruiting more police officers may not be the solution.

According to them, there is no need of recruiting more officers, when the ones who are there already are not well taken care of or well equipped to face these criminals.

A Nigerian Senator, Ned Nwoko had earlier suggested that Nigerians should be allowed to carry arms to defend themselves.

Yes, it has gotten to that level.

This is one of the very many suggestions that have come up concerning this issue. However, President Tinubu has taken a decision.

Insecurity: 6 Major Highlights Of Tinubu’s Meeting With State Governors Emerge

All we can do is wait and pray that this move would be the lasting solution we have been looking for.


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