Many Twitter users have found it difficult to send and receive messages on the micro-blogging platform as it keeps telling them to pay a subscription fee.



Several Twitter users have lamented their inabilities to send and receive messages on app for days.

The sudden change took many by surprise, and users have expressed concerns over why Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, may be forcing them to subscribe to get a blue verification badge.

For most users, when they attempt to send messages or receive them from people who don’t follow them, or who they don’t follow, the messages don’t deliver.

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Instead, they are asked to pay $8 to buy the blue verification badge to be able to send messages to people who don’t follow them.

IBrandTV made checks and discovered that an automatic change was made to Twitter users’ accounts to make it so that they only send messages to people who follow them.

This change can be altered manually though if users change their messages setting.


When users choose the ‘Allow message requests from everyone’ option, they can get messages from anyone.


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