The Nigeria Police Force has vowed to bring an end to kidnappings in the country, and it is exploring every possible means to do so, including sensitisation of the masses.

Days after warning the public against the dangers of crowd raising ransoms for kidnappers, the force spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has again dished out a handful of advice to Nigerians.

How Tinted Glasses Is Aiding Kidnapping In Nigeria
Police Spokesman, Adejobi

He revealed that kidnapping perpetrators are increasingly using cars with unlicensed tinted glasses for their operations.


Adejobi appeared on Channels TV’s Politics Today, where he stressed that cars with illegally tinted glasses contribute significantly to the nation’s high rate of kidnappings and criminal activity.

Tough Action

Adejobi expressed worry over the pervasive desire among Nigerians to have tinted glasses on their automobiles.

The Police spokesperson disclosed that the police are planning to take tough action against these kinds of cars.

According to him, specialists and law enforcement officials gathered at the Inspector General of Police’s (IGP) office.

The aim was to plan the upcoming review of the issuing of vehicle tinting permits.

Vehicle-Related Crimes

In his words, “You will discover that some of these crimes, particularly violent crimes, and vehicle-related crimes, are interconnected.
You can’t have kidnapping, or some of these incidents without mobility, be it the use of vehicles, bikes, or tricycles.
Most of the vehicles employed in these criminal activities are tinted, which is why we aim to crack down on the use of tinted glasses.”

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These words came amid a nationwide spike in kidnapping cases.

The wave of kidnapping attacks have recently spread to the South West region. Students and teachers were earlier this week kidnapped while returning to Eporo Ekiti at the end of the school day.

Abuja, the nation’s seat of power is not left out, with reports of kidnap springing up on a daily basis.


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