The things we hear these days tingle the ear and leave you wondering what man (both men and women) is becoming.

Nigerians are not known to be a people who marry siblings, let alone; a man his daughter. 


Nigeria Police

From Niger State, a strange crime-story has emerged and people are wondering, ‘where are we heading to?’.


Gbenga Fajuyi is an Inspector of the Nigeria Police Force attached to Niger State Command.

He had married a lovely woman and that woman gave birth to a daughter for him.


Mr Fajuyi is now 47 years old and that daughter is a teenager.

But the officer will be 69 by the time he comes out of the prison, where he is, as you read this story.

Going by his name, he is of the Yoruba tribe in western Nigeria.

When he was in Ungwan Nasarawa area of Tafa Local Government, the man lured his biological daughter, an SS1 student of Government Day Secondary School Sabon-Wuse, into his room and raped her.


All of these happened in 2019, before COVID-19.

That is not the end of his atrocious taboo of a crime.


Truly, investigation uncovered something even more damning and inhumane that he did.

More revelations came in court when his case file, marked SMC/MN, CR/06/2023, showed up.

A Startled Courtroom

In that case file, the prosecutor noted that after Fajuyi had defiled his daughter, she became pregnant.

When he found out that his daughter was pregnant, he brought forward one of his trainings as a police in Nigeria – intimidation.

He warned his daughter that if she told anyone, she would be killed.

You could see the ‘shock in the courtroom’ on everyone’s face. The story had startled them like it did to you.

Who could do such a thing to a daughter? A police?

To think that he had risen to the rank of an inspector in the police, with this tendency, is a thing of concern.

A man meant to protect citizens threatens to take the life of his innocent daughter.

While everyone in court was trying to come to terms with that threat-action, the worst was revealed.

As in the time of life, Fajuyi’s daughter delivered a baby girl.

You see, the birth of the baby, became another torment for the police officer. He decided to do something to cover the taboo.

Findings revealed that days after she delivered, Fajuyi took his daughter’s baby and strangled it.

The Confession

During the police Investigation, Fajuyi confessed to the commission of his offences.

“After delivery, you took the newborn baby to a nearby river and strangled the baby to death”, the police prosecutor, Inspector Lawrence Owette, told the court.

Owette notes that the three-count charge contravened Section 18 (2) of the Niger State Child Right Law 2010, Section 390 25 (3), and 397 B of the penal code.

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Being an officer, Fajuyi understands what it means to claim innocence and what pleading guilty will do to the judgement.

As a result, when the charges were read to him by the Presiding Senior magistrate, Christy Barau, the suspect, he made his choice.

The Inspector, pleaded guilty to the charges.

However, due to the serious nature of the offence, the court insisted that the police prosecutor should prove his case.

“He is to bring along his witnesses and evidence to enable the court to give him the maximum punishment in accordance with the offences he committed.”

Multiple Abuse By A Monster

The prosecutor called the investigating police officer, who invited both the mother of the girl and the girl, and they claimed the father had canal knowledge of his daughter from age 12 until she got pregnant at the age of 13.

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The evidence was enough.

Delivering judgement, the court’s presiding senior magistrate, Senior Magistrate Christy Barau, described the convict as a monster who, as a law enforcement officer that was supposed to protect the little girl, ended up putting her into adulthood.

There was silence in court. You could see the little tear in the eyes of many.

The sound of a pin could be heard. Yes! The silence left a sign that something unimaginable had hit every ear.

An image-killing position, yet, carrying the seed of equivalent benefit for the police.

She then pronounced that Fajuyi will spend the next 22 years at the Minna Correctional Centre without the option of a fine, and the sentence was to run concurrently.




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