The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) approval of a 300% increase in electricity tariff for Band A consumers was received by Nigerians with great shock.

While Nigerians struggled to bear the biting hardship which has engulfed the country, the Vice Chairman of NERC, Musiliu Oseni, was busy in Abuja.


How New Electricity Tariff Will Affect Your House Rent

That was where he made the shocking announcement.

Oseni’s announcement threw the whole nation into commotion.

Electricity Tariff And House Rent

Nigerians were pained, not just because of the burden of the huge increase, but the many effects it will have on many other aspects of their lives.


One of such is the impact this increase will have on house rent.

Oh, you did not know that it will affect your rent?

Just relax, we will open your eyes to it.

Let’s narrow down our attention to Lagos. Of all states, the busy city of Lagos seems to be facing a very serious accommodation problem.


House rent in Lagos is high, way too high that it can buy a land and in some case build a house on it in other states.

Now, paying for a single room in some areas of Lagos is running into millions of naira.


Know Your Band

Imagine paying huge house rent and then having to deal with the huge electricity bills that will follow.

In fact, as we speak, people who are looking for houses to relocate now insist on knowing the band of the location.

Once they find out that it is band A, they take to their heels.

Now, the people have seen light, but because they are not ready with something to make money from the available light, they run.

Also, some landlords and developers usually bear the burden of paying the electricity bills.

Next Rent

In this case, tenants are usually forced to subscribe for a whole year.

The same thing applies for LAWMAN fees, water, etc.

All they do is add it to the tenants’ rent.

If you live in this type of house and then you are unlucky, or do we say lucky to fall under the band A category, then you are on this fortunate table.

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By now, it is possible that your landlord must have decided the amount you will pay for your next rent.


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