Can you be Indebted and yet not be aware? 

This is what the reaction to the partial disconnection of Globacom by MTN sounds like.

Globacom, a Nigerian telecommunications operator denied owing MTN any interconnectivity charges.


Globalcom and MTN

The telecommunications operator claimed it had paid the ₦‎1.6 billion debt it was owing MTN.

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Glo was responding to the announcement made by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), on Monday.

The regulator had said that Glo users would be barred from making calls to MTN subscribers because of Interconnectivity charges.

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This was made known In a notice, given by NCC’s Public Affairs Director, Reuben Muoka.

The notice stated that Glo failed to settle its outstanding debts despite attempts at resolution.


“All subscribers are requested to take notice that the commission has approved the partial disconnection of Globacom to MTN,” the notice read.

“This is in accordance with the Guidelines on Procedure for Granting Approval to Disconnect Telecommunications Operators (2012).

“As enshrined in the Nigerian Communications Act of 2003”

Furthermore, the statement read: “At the expiration of 10 days from January 8, 2024, subscribers of Globacom will no longer be able to make calls to MTN but will be able to receive calls.”

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However, an official of Globacom who preferred anonymity on Tuesday, told reporters in Lagos something different.

He said that the amount due for payment was ₦‎1.6 billion and it had been paid without controversy.

The official said a proper cross checking of facts should have been done before concluding that the telco was owing MTN.

“We are not owing MTN any interconnect charges,” the Glo official said.


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