You see there are few thriving industries in Nigeria, and the telecom industry is one of them.

The industry has evolved, changing how business and financial transactions are carried out in Nigeria.


And there is still more to come with the Nigerian Communications Commission focusing on quality of experience.

The telecom sector is about to fire up connectivity so much that the complaints of the past will quickly be forgotten.

Telecom: NCC Praised For Improving Quality Of Experience
An image of the Nigerian Communications Commission

In a bid to make the overall user experience very pleasant, telecom operators have improved the quality of their service.

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The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr Bosun Tijani, lauded the Nigeria Communications Commission’s (NCC) efforts.

Tijani hailed the Commission, for the strategic approach to enhancing telecommunications services.

He praised the NCC for focusing on “Quality of Experience” instead of “Quality of Service”

According to Tijani, this move aligns with the government’s Strategic Blueprint to bolster the sector’s contribution to the nation’s economy.


He laid much emphasises on the importance of ensuring a positive impact on citizens’ daily lives.

The Minister’s endorsement of the telecom sector activities is key and timely.


He observed that the NNC is fully committed to fostering innovation and excellence in the telecom sector.

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Tijani did not fail to acknowledge their role in driving economic growth and societal development.

The NNC is leveraging technology to create tangible benefits for all Nigerians.



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